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Error Report

Please read this form carefully and complete it thoroughly! Also, please read first the tips listed in the Troubleshooting-Page and the known issues documented in the Status-Page.

Findings bugs in driver software is all but delightful. I spent many long nights, until IrCOMM2k ran stable on my system. It is even more difficult to analyze and resolve a problem that is causing trouble on someone else's system. I therefore prepared a few important questions which will enable much easier analysis of a problem - so I hope. Chances are greater that I can resolve a problem, when the potential cause for the issue is narrowed down as much as possible by the time I get to know about it.

Your E-Mail-Address for questions:
Nature of Error:   "Blue Screen", please complete below fields:
STOP-Code: (1)
Parameter 1: (2)
Parameter 2: (3)
Parameter 3: (4)
Parameter 4: (5)
Driver: (6)
How to determine these values and additional information regarding Blue Screens is described at the bottom of this page.
  System stopped, is frozen
  No data transmitted.
This problem can be identified when the icon for infrared connectivity is visible in the taskbar, but the application does not continue to a function as expected or displays an error message. Please troubleshoot other potential causes first, e.g. incorrect configuration.
Other problem
If that is the case, please complete the last field on this form with as much information as possible.
Can the problem be reproduced?  Yes
  Yes, sporadically
 No, it is a chance occurrence
If yes - how can the problem be caused? Please explain as detailed as possible:
Can something be done to prevent the problem? If yes, please explain:
With which version of  IrCOMM2k was the problem experienced? Please try older versions too. While fixing a problem in one version, I might have inadvertently caused a problem in another one.
1.2.1 (please note that version 1 is no longer supported)
All Versions
Which application used the COM-Port, while the problem was experienced?
What infrared device was used?
Room for information that didn't fit the form anywhere else:
All fields completed? Then, let's go!    

Thanks much in advance for your effort. I will try to follow up on all problems.


Blue Screens

May all of you be spared to see this screen:

Details of a Blue Screen

But should it happen anyway and is related to IrCOMM2k, a few essential facts are of interest for me. The five numbers in the first row tell me about the nature of the error and sometimes even more. No.6 will sometimes display a name of a driver. This one doesn't have to be the culprit, but it might be affected by the problem. When ircomm2k.sys appears there, I won't even attempt to flunk: mea culpa.

It could happen, that the system will display the error message only for a brief moment and then automatically restarts. To enable reading the message and taking a note when it comes back, please go to the Control Panel, Device Manager, System, select the Advanced tab, then click "Startup and Recovery". The option "Automatically reboot" in the center of the dialog should be disabled and the system be restarted. The next Blue Screen will display until you push the reset button.

Updated: 07.18.2004
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