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Current Status

I've created a separate page in order to document the progress I'm making with the development of IrCOMM2k Version 2.0.

IrCOMM2k gets better and better. Many issues were resolved already, a few might still be hiding. A few mysterious phenomenon's exist too. Here is a brief overview of what (probably) doesn't work, what is yet to come, and - what has been achieved thus far.

Known Issues and Problems:

  • Synchronization-Application for PsiWin for PSION Handhelds does not work.

    It's not resolved yet totally, but according to PSION's statements, there is an apparent bug in PsiWin. They seem to work on a fix, but it is not known if and when they succeed. As soon as someone hears about a PsiWin version which works, or which should work according to PSION, please notify me.

    Workaround: None at this time, unfortunately. One goal (amongst others) of the new IrCOMM2k-Architectur will be to resolve this issue.

  • The Siemens SL45 won't synchronize via Infrared.

    This problem too is a bit mysterious. According to the SL45-Manual and an official statement from Siemens (customer service, maybe not the right contact for things like this) this won't work at all. According to the help file of the Siemens-Software should it be possible, though. Other users reported that the S45 is affected by this issue as well.

    Workaround: None at this time, unfortunately. One goal (amongst others) of the new IrCOMM2k-Architectur will be to resolve this issue.

  • Installation fails with "Error 2".

    Should this error happen, it's mostly during the 2nd installation of IrCOMM2k. A restart of the system resolves this issue in most cases. There are a few tougher cases for which I have no solution yet. A few tests are pending with affected users, hopefully I know more once they are completed.

    Workaround: Some patience, for the time being...

  • In rare cases, there are problems with other drivers.

    As discussed in the Troubleshooting-Area, some systems have experienced "weird" problems with the Suspend-To-Disk/-RAM (seems to have happened only on a small number of systems...). A user even reported of a crash related to a driver for Hardware-Dongles (Aladdin, "hardlock.sys"). Even on my system a problem happened once with a mouse driver. I have simply no clue what the cause might be.

    Workaround: Re-installation of or updating the other driver (for Aladdin it was confirmed that only a update helps!).

Planned Improvements:

  • IrCOMM2k Version 2 - new driver architecture

    Details can be found on this page.

    [Postponed] Displaying a pick list once multiple devices have been detected in range. 

    A somewhat useful feature (something for Power-Users), I don't really like the current solution: simply grab whatever the system detects first.

  • [Postponed] Silent installation

    This might of interest for administrators. I received a request if Setup.exe could be started with a switch (parameter) that would automate the setup. At this time it is not possible, implementing this feature should not cause too much of an effort. 

Release Notes:

 Version  Changes
· Communications interface (bridge) -is created hidden. That way there will be less chances for errors during setup (completely managed internally, instead of PnP device) 
·Resolved bug in device driver, which prevented use of virtual COM-Ports in DOS-Command Prompt
·Creating uninstall-record in the system-list of installed software, setup application is placed in Windows directory for this purpose
·Minor improvements in device driver, system service and setup application
·Introduced Catalan and Spanish versions
·Incorporated device property page
·User choice of setting for status lines enabled
·Workaround for a problem with other IR-Applications (refer "Error code: 10055")
·Timeout-scaling when reading of virtual COM-Port
·Enabled choice of COM-Port-number when performing first-time setup
·A number of minor improvements in the setup-application
·Service application implemented as system service
·Enhanced error reporting within the service application
·Resolved bug in device driver experienced with TrueSync (caused e.g. a deadlock of the service application)
·Introduced setup application
·Full English version available
·Resolved bug which caused e.g. the Windows 2000 Fax service to become unavailable
·Resolved root cause of immediate crashes on multi-processor systems
·All request to the driver can be interrupted now, therefore no blocking should be seen by either other applications or the service application
·Restructured components of the driver that can be paged
· Certain runtime errors within the service application won't cause termination any longer but will initiate a new attempt after 10 seconds.
·Resolved bug which e.g. prevented collaboration with Visual-Basic-applications
·Root cause for premature termination of the service application eliminated 
·Resolved 2 of 3 reasons why COM-Port-applications or the service application could block
·Miscellaneous corrections


 Version  ircomm2k.sys ircomm2k.exe ircomm2k.dll Setup.exe

Updated: 08.23.2002
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